Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!
Has your personal surgeon completed carving that Jack o' lantern?
Did you go with a standard face?
A pattern from a book or online?
Or design your own creation, like the Offspring?
We love using those tiny saws to carve.
They are quick, easy, relatively safe, and allow one to carve quite intricate designs.
Another one is in the works, but if I don't post now, I simply won't!

Don't eat all your candy tonight!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebrating October 17th!

October 17th.
What a gorgeous day!
What is not to celebrate?!
It's not a holiday, you say?  What's special about the 17th?
Every single microsecond of it!

My FIL's birthday.
Being alive.
Hummingbirds in the salvia outside the kitchen window.
My first Fuji apple of the new crop.
The brown sugar goodness of frozen cookie dough.
Being home with my beloved.

We take sooooooo very much for granted, with good health being near the top of the list.
Life turns on a dime.
There is no guarantee for any of us that there will be tomorrow.
We have to live NOW!
In this moment.

So now I am just basking in a rare sunny autumn day.
Glad to be alive.
Glad that we are all together in one place again.
Glad to have sore muscles from dethatching (OK, partially dethatching)
 the front lawn after weeks of inactivity.
Glad to not be in, near, or around a hospital of any kind.

With a heart of thanksgiving for just being.