Monday, December 6, 2010

Back in action

Oh, what a Sunday!  It has been weeks since I had any real ambition, thanks to the nasty bug(s) inhabiting my body.  But I finally vanquished enough of the pain in cough-racked ribs to tackle some real physical activity.  Raking leaves.  It has been driving me nuts to look out the window and see the grass and soil hidden beneath leaves inches deep.  So I tentatively went to work, carefully gauging my tender torso.  I will admit to almost wimping out at one point, but I pushed on.  I raked, mowed the lawn, and raked some more, until the compost heap was overflowing and the yard bin full.  So I still have a few piles of leaves, but I feel I really accomplished something.  And while the exercise was long overdue, somehow I didn't break out in a sweat.

So did I relax then?  No.  I made a huge pot of soup.  Minestrone.
Want to know my secret ingredients?  V8 juice, refried beans, and Spicy Mrs. Dash.  And I add precooked pasta towards the end and the peas and stewed tomatoes last.

I was finished then.  Right?  Right?  Nope.  I baked black-bottomed cupcakes (an old Sunset magazine recipe) to thank the wonderful group of students I supervise.  Have I mentioned I teach?  No?  Well, I do.  And instead of writing an exam (the one thing I detest more than grading), I found myself doing kinds of other things.

Today they came running in to get them.  They have me well trained to make them near the end of every semester.  After all they do to make my life easier, how could I not?!

Have you remembered to thank someone who makes your life easier?
(And, yes, I am avoiding writing my exam by blogging!)

Friday, December 3, 2010

She's Alive!

I know, I know.  I feel like I am hearing Molly Weasley say, "Where have you been?!"  I am back among the living after weeks of struggling with a particularly nasty respiratory infection.  Not that it is totally gone, mind you.  But I can function once again without wondering "how I am going to do it?", whatever "it" is.

So for my first posting after forever, should I share what my house looked like for Halloween?

Or about the delightful young college women who graced our Thanksgiving table (let me clarify, they were not on the table)?  Young women who brought beautiful flowers, played games with the Offspring, and clearly did not want to leave after dinner?

I certainly do not have photos of our Christmas decorations since we haven't done any.  Yes, I refuse to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We simply have a moratorium on Christmas until December 1.  What can I say?!  Since so much time has past, I thought I would share that not only did we get some glorious sun, the first in weeks, I had something else to brighten my day.

I have never tried to force spring bulbs of any kind and certainly not paperwhites.  But between the autumn bouquet and the promise of spring, my outlook is brightening.