Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One down.....

I hope that you got a valentine from someone special yesterday and that it was a day of feeling special.

Well, I wanted to post this photo last Friday, but I had to wait.
Because it was going to someone very special to me.
My mom.

It was a project 14 years in the making and I finally finished it!
I started it when I began my days as a stay-at-home mom.
This project is so old that the finishing directions are totally outdated!

It is one of those projects that is part of my resolutions for the new year.
Now it is one less thing cluttering up flat surfaces.
One less thing that reminds me of all I cannot accomplish.
One less thing that periodically surfaces and I work on before relinquishing the idea that my time is my own.

However, if I am truly honest, I do get distracted and am unfocused because I have so many interests.

How old is your oldest unfinished project?
(Please tell me you at least have one.)

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